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The Probate Real Estate Story...

A number of years ago, after losing my dad, I came to realize just how much is actually involved regarding estate & probate matters, especially when real estate is included.

As a Personal Representative, you have been selected to be the person responsible for overseeing the assets left in the estate of a friend or loved one, liquidating all or part of those assets, taking responsibility for seeing that creditors are paid out of the estate and overseeing the distribution of the proceeds of the estate between all of the heirs.

It is indeed a great honor to be named as the Personal Representative for a friend or loved one’s estate, but along with this honor, comes a great deal of hard work and responsibility.  It can be a long, difficult & thankless job.

Many estates include tons of personal property, including clothing, furniture, tools, antiques, art, jewelry, firearms, pets & more.

Many estates also include a residence and often times commercial and investment real estate properties, even farm and ranch land.

In addition to financial investments, there may also be creditors who are owed money from the estate.  Items like mortgage payments, property taxes, water bills & HOA dues still have to be paid, which, if ignored could result in foreclosure of a property.

It can be overwhelming.  We’re here to help!

We have designed a comprehensive, al-a-cart system to help Personal Representatives with a focus on what to do with the real estate & referrals to other qualified professionals.

Determine What Your Needs Are...

Each estate is unique depending on the type of assets involved, the creditors, if any and the number of heirs involved.

You’re loved one obviously worked long and hard to build up the assets within the estate that you are now responsible for.

We take that responsibility very seriously.

We’ll begin by asking you what you want to accomplish with regards to the real estate and personal property.  We’ll go over a thorough questionnaire and checklist relating to all of the property and the obligations associated with the property.

We will listen intently to what you have to say, so that we can provide fact based        solutions and options for you to consider.

By working together, we’re confident that we can help make this process as low stress on you and the other members of your family, as humanly possible.

We look forward to being of service to you and your family!

Services We Provide For You...

Professional Real Estate Broker Services
(Residential, Commercial, Farm & Ranch)

Free Current Market Value Price Opinion
(As-Is, with minor repairs & with full rehab)

Free Property Condition Report
(Determine what repairs are needed, if any)

Free Marketing Plan of Action
(Everything we do to get your property sold)

Multiple Copies of Reports are Available
(For family members, Attorney, CPA, etc.)

Local Point of Contact for PR’s
(Available to meet with contractors, etc.)

Contractor & Handyman Referrals
(If repairs or renovations are needed)

Property Maintenance Referrals
(Lawn care, snow shoveling, etc.) 

Property Management Referrals
(If you decide to keep & rent the property)

Estate Sale Company Referrals
(If help is needed with the personal property)

Probate Attorney & CPA Referrals
(If you don’t already have a Lawyer or CPA)

Reverse Mortgage Property Sales
(Obtain your equity even with one of these)

Property Clean-Outs & Cleaning Referrals
(Coordination to get the property cleaned out)

Free Confidential Consultation & More
Please call us to schedule an appointment)

Types of Real Estate Sale Scenarios...

1.  DISCOUNT SALE:  As-Is Condition

Beware of predatory investors & scam artists that may be attempting to use shady methods to steal equity from properties in the estate.  If approached by an all cash investor, or some other type of buyer proposing a lease option, or owner carryback offer, please call Jim first, before signing any documents and get his professional opinion as to whether or not it is a legitimate & ethical offer.  It is  always advised to consult tax & legal counsel before signing real estate contracts.

If you decide you do want to sell quickly,   As-Is, for all cash, please call us and we can provide you with one or more all cash offers from ethical investors who can close quickly.

2.  MARKET SALE:  Repairs Optional

This is the most common way that estates sell real property included in the estate.  This allows for the sale of the property at Current Fair Market Value with only very basic repairs that may be necessary to pass the buyer’s  property inspection.  

Often times these repairs can be completed in advance and paid for out of the proceeds at time of closing.  We can provide you with an estimate of market value & necessary repairs.

3.  PREMIUM SALE:  Full Renovation

Some seller’s have the financial resources to fully renovate a property to obtain top     market value.  We can provide you with an estimate of top market value and what       renovations would be required to obtain that.

Letter of Recommendation...

To whom it may concern,

After our mother and father passed away, my four siblings and I had to deal with the sale of our parent’s home in Golden, Colorado.

We had the opportunity to be represented by Jim Foster, with Brokers Guild Classic, Ltd. and we were thrilled with the exemplary service he provided throughout the entire process.We had several real estate brokers to choose from, but felt Jim had the most thorough approach and chose to list the property with him.

The home was somewhat dated and had some structural damage. Jim provided us with an “As-Is” estimate of value as well as an estimate of market value, if we did all or part of the proposed work.

No other real estate broker provided such a detailed comparison and marketing plan which is why he earned our business.Prior to listing the property, he checked on the progress of contractors for us while we were at work and even provided a home warranty that covered the property during the listing period. He also went above and beyond by shoveling the snow off the sidewalks and driveway for us prior to showings.

His hard work, marketing plan and excellent communication skills made the entire process go very smooth. He made sure everything was taken care of and kept us informed throughout the entire process.

We highly recommend Jim Foster to you and any of your clients who may be dealing with a similar situation. You won’t be disappointed!



Wanda Kordziel Steadman


Wanda Kordziel Steadman,

Personal Representative

Littleton, Colorado

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